Just as with goods arriving into the UK, goods departing from the UK also require specific export documentation. Depending on the nature of the goods and the reason for export, various customs regimes and requirements apply.

We can assist in establishing which procedures are most suitable and help raise various types of export documentation, including EADs for goods under IP or OP, from a Customs Warehouse, SSD declarations (EXS and ENS), and more specialized documents such as EUR.1 and ATA Carnets, covering movements by air, sea, or road.

Required Documentation for Export Declarations

Ensure a smooth export process by preparing all necessary documentation in advance. Below is a comprehensive list of the information and paperwork required for making an export declaration into the UK.

Consignor and Consignee Information

  • The consignors (or senders) name and address
  • The consignees (or receivers) name and address
  • The consignors EORI number

Goods Details

  • Description of the goods
  • Value of the goods
  • The net and gross weight of the goods
  • The number and type of packages, e.g., Pallets, Cartons, Boxes, IBCs
  • The commodity code of the goods – see trade tariff link for assistance

Logistics and Routing

  • The vehicle or trailer ID
  • The routing, e.g., Dover to Calais, Harwich to Hoek of Holland
  • Expected date of departure

Regulatory Documents

  • Licences or authorisation approval details and supporting documents, if applicable
  • Export Health Documents, if applicable

Reason for Export

  • The reason for Export, e.g., permanent, temporary, etc.